We are Officina Arredo.

Crossing the threshold of Officina Arredo, you can observe many things: samples of curtains, color samples, interior finishes, flooring selections of various materials up to colored poufs and lamps with different patterns. But there is a piece of furniture, at the entrance to our showroom, which has a particular value for us: a large custom-made cutting table, which, like a luggage room in a train station, always fills up quickly with things most varied. Only in the business meeting days, the large table lends itself to more sophisticated sets: the latest arrivals in plain sight, the best projects arranged with care and inventiveness. A real set-up. But in the end, it always returns to being a table full of casual things such as scraps of fabric, piles of brochures and various cards.
At Officina Arredo we know how to give our best, but we are not afraid to show our most authentic soul.
And that’s why each of us wrote her own unfiltered self-presentation.

Sonia, founder of O.A.: “After 10 years in the insurance sector, I left a managerial career to start my own project. The idea of ​​Officina Arredo crept in while I was sanding the sides of ships to the rhythm of music. It was a transitional phase, but it turned out to be a turning point in my life. Less than a year later, I was already opening my first textile furnishing studio for boating. Today, after 15 years of growth, Officina Arredo embraces various sectors and welcomes a team of young and passionate professionals who share with me the enthusiasm for this adventure. My past corporate experience taught me management skills whereas I’m a natural self-taught woman always curious, inspired and ambitious. What do I get up for in the morning? To create interiors that people can fall in love with every day. It’s an ambitious undertaking, or is it simply a matter of karma? ”

Linda, second-in-command: “For 6 years I have put all my wits and the enthusiasm of the first day. Sometimes I get lost in the clouds, but that’s how I cultivate my creative side. ”

Elisabetta, set designer: “For 10 years I have been creating sets for the interiors of luxury hotels, always aiming for uncompromising excellence. For my personal image, however, I do not use scenography. I dress as I like and I follow no rules.

Giulia, young geometer’s apprentice: “I studied engineering, but I discovered that my future is interior design. Thanks to Officina Arredo, today I draw people’s dreams.”

Lucia, the numbers lady: “I have to put them all in line to make ends meet. Besides balancing the books, I also know how to spot a good wine, which is why I am also a sommelier in my leisure time.”

Behind Officina Arredo there is also the skillful hand of our seamstresses and our upholsterer Nicola. Thanks to them, we bring to life the most exciting part of our work: the tangible one.
Expertise and a lot of patience are Fabio‘s unmissable qualities. He is responsible for the installation phase: a work of precision and manual skill that makes the difference for a quality result.
And finally Meg, our four-legged mascot. Two of her legs are broken (it was like that when we adopted her and we love her just as she is). Despite this, she is the one who runs the fastest of all and from her we learn every day how beautiful it is to live with courage and determination.

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