Apartment – Chiavari

The intervention concerns a 1970s apartment in Chiavari, used by the client as a second home. We studied an interior design project satisfying the budget criteria, timing and needs of the customer, whose request was for a restyling that would preserve the existing furnishings as much as possible.


We quickly developed a project that was shared in all its phases with the customer, up to the final solution. We immediately illustrated the processing phases to the customer so as to establish together a common reference system with which to choose the priorities in the various interventions. In this way we were able to optimize resources and focus them only on certain activities or purchases.

Through the study of the color palette, the selection of furnishing fabrics and some furnishings ordered for the specific project, together with small restoration and painting works, we have radically transformed the rooms. Following the new arrangement of the furnishings, some work was carried out on the electrical system. To stay within the budget, we proposed and then had the interior doors and some furniture painted to better integrate them into the new environment. Choosing a whale blue for the living room walls created an ideal stand out backdrop for the classic walnut hued furniture. We deemed important to sample the color in order to get closer to the result we had in mind.

Part of the budget was used to redo the kitchenette which appeared to be the weak point of the main room. So we had to intervene with small masonry and tiling work and then move on to the choice and purchase of a new kitchen. For the entire duration of the works, we followed and managed the construction site and administered the related expenses. The customer was able to choose his furniture preferences among the recommended proposals. We therefore took care of all the logistics: from the order, to the purchase, to the delivery.

At the end of the interior design project, we chose the most suitable lights for the rooms: soft lights, colored lights and warm lights to experience the house in various situations with the right atmosphere.

Tipology: Apartment
Works: Home staging

Year: 2020