Hotel Cenobio dei Dogi – Camogli

Inspired by the style of the original furnishings, we have developed a project based on colors and the search for the most appropriate fabrics for that kind of suite. Thanks to the know how of Officina Arredo’s artisans new upholstery was created for the chairs which, combined with the choice of a fireproof fabric for the curtains, has recreated a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The tables were produced on our design, as well as the bedside tables.

For some walls we thought of earthy colors combined with a striped texture, re-proposing a typically Ligurian and elegant decoration.

The lights have been revisited by creating custom-made new lampshades coordinated with the fabrics of the room.

Tipology: 5 star hotel

Works: Study of color and fabrics

Year: 2017/18