“La Camogliese” – Hotel in Camogli

The Hotel recently changed the furnishings without a professionals’ project. We were asked to “warm up” the rooms because in their opinion they also needed to be revisited and personalized, but on one condition: “without replacing the furnishings already present”.

Now, it was up to us to get around the obstacle and achieve the best result while respecting the customer’s vision.

Given the geographical position and the type of the structure, we decided to create small sets dedicated to marine themes. We carried out the study and research of wall colors, the selection, purchase and installation of thematic wallpapers, the selection of lighting and the creation of basic textile details. We followed the artisans, painters and installers all along the process.

Thanks to the in-depth study and careful execution in every detail, we have been able to develop a strong, fresh, welcoming personality in each room full of character its simplicity.

Typology: 2 star hotel

Works: partial restyling

Object of the works: giving personality without changing furnishings

Year: 2019-2020

“Avendo dovuto tenere gli stessi arredi, abbiamo lavorato su colori e tessuti per dare personalità alla stanza.”