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Officina Arredo is a skilled handicraft company in the production of curtains, textile coverings and consultancy for interior restyling.
With many years of experience in the Contract and Retail world and specializing in fabric upholstery through our artisanal labour force.

Officina Arredo offers customized solutions, from tailor-made design to packaging, addressing companies and individuals, as well as supporting professionals such as architects, designers and interior designers.

Arredo tessile alberghiero

Our company, operating for years in the hotel industry throughout the country, is specialized in the production and supply of fireproof fabrics, curtains, upholstery, bed heads, bedspring, wallpaper. Great attention is paid to the new trends in contract and hospitality sectors. Part of our showroom is dedicated to fireproof certified fabrics that we offer to our customers. This allows us to meet different needs in terms of style and budget.

Nautical upholstery requires the advice and labour of skilled artisans specialized in this sector, who are able to identify and treat with the most suitable and most resistant products. That’s why our work on board is aimed at the choice of fabrics with high impermeability and excellent colour stability, designed to withstand salt and sun with simple maintenance.

Arredo tessile nautico
Arredo tessile per la casa

Officina Arredo dresses every home by making bespoke curtains, sofas, armchairs, bed heads, bedspring, bedspreads and exclusive and personalized bed linens.
We have at our customers’ disposal a vast selection of samples of the most prestigious international brands with particular attention to Italian manufacturing: combined with high skilled labour we guarantee attention to detail and finishing.

“Simplicity is about taking away what is obvious and adding what makes sense”

John Maeda

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