We have what it takes to give shape to your ideas and projects

Young yet experienced, our company has 15 years of experience and many ambitions. We are a small (almost) all-female team with the industriousness of a hive that is always in turmoil. We are driven by the passion for our work as we welcome each project as a novelty and a challenge to always improve the quality of the service.
Specialized in interior design and restyling consulting with particular attention to textile furnishings, we combine the knowledge gathered in the most diverse fields: hospitality, nautical design, stores and private homes. In addition to this, we like to create tailor-made handmade products for you. This is where we unleash our imagination and creativity.
We work with companies and professionals of the sector. We design the project, choose the materials taking care of the production and supply. We put together all the pieces of the puzzle for a final result that is appreciated as you get closer to the detail. We always start with many ideas, but we reveal the best of our seriousness and efficiency while carrying out each single project. Like the expert weaver, we never lose the thread, but when it happens we know where to pick it up and what to fix to make small imperfections disappear.

Arredo tessile alberghiero

We have a long experience in the hotel industry with almost 50 success stories behind us. We provide our advice, we design, furnish and decorate your spaces with particular attention to the textile element of which we can guarantee the selection and supply, but also the production.
We also take care of designing custom-made furniture, a service that we believe essential to offer something exclusive for spaces that stand out for their strong personality.
We keep up-to-date with all the new trends but we also know how to mix different styles for unique and unmistakable results.
We create a 3D proposal to allow customers to view the ongoing project in every detail.

Fifteen years ago Officina Arredo was born to offer textile furnishing services to the nautical world. From on-board linen to interior design, always maintaining a special focus on textile furnishings: in all these years we have dreamed and traveled a lot with your boats.
Taking care to respect and enhance the soul of your interiors, we create projects that include fine nautical fabrics and select furnishing accessories that are both functional and sophisticated.
Under our supervision, the textile laboratory produces tailor-made waterproof fabrics, always offering new combinations and solutions to create settings that are both comfortable and distinctive, warm and elegant.

Arredo tessile nautico
Arredo tessile per la casa

Tell us about yourself and we will tell your story through your interiors.
We know well that it is the people who give life and flavor to a home, therefore our first working tool is dialogue. Constant dialogue, but also a special flair for the atmosphere that permeates a home help us find the key to your dream interiors. We take into consideration the emotional value, but also the historical and intrinsic value of your home by analyzing the environment and the specificities of the place that surrounds it. We select the best techniques and the most prestigious fabrics starting from the study of colors and light points. Finally, we offer you the opportunity to commission custom made furniture.

Respecting your schedule and your needs, we plan a consulting and creation project that leaves nothing to chance.
With a special focus on textile furniture, we offer a wide selection of samples in line with the latest trends but also custom-made products to recreate the best interiors for your needs and atmospheres designed to surprise you every day.
We take care not only of the indoor spaces, but also of the outdoors. For example, with cutting-edge awnings and scarves to create real “rooms” outdoors.

“Simplicity is about taking away what is obvious and adding what makes sense”

John Maeda

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