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Furniture contractor refers to a specific sector of the furniture industry that deals with the design and supply of furniture and furnishing solutions for commercial and contract projects. To be able to make contract furniture proposals, it is necessary to know meticulous characteristics and current regulations in order to offer a service in line with ministerial guidelines.

For more than two decades at Officina Arredo we have been offering a furniture contractor that, combines knowledge of all European safety regulations withhandcrafted and highly customizedexecution, with furniture solutions for any structure, in and out door, in a single turnkey service. We have realized more than 50
contract furniture projects
for restaurants, bars and offices, developing a special focus on the world of ‘ hotellerie.

We can take care of the ‘ decor of a hotel in its entirety, from the common parts such as reception, meeting rooms, reception areas, through the spa, gym, gardens and solarium, to the rooms and suites.

allestimento in ottone di installazione con geometrie a contorno di un’opera d’arte concettuale in vetro
camera d’albergo con pareti blu scuro avvolgenti e pavimentazione e biancheria letto a contrasto in legno chiaro bicromatico per un effetto elegante

With our “Small contract” solution, a flexible proposal with no minimum constraints on the rooms to be furnished, we intervene on individual areas, such as the restaurant or lobby, or specific rooms and suites.
We also provide partial or dedicated restyling services for the décor part by dealing exclusively with colors, decors, wallpapers, lighting and furnishing fabrics.

Hotel contract

Thanks to our hotel contract service, all aspects of furnishing a hotel converge on a single point of contact.
We conduct inspections and offer free estimates throughout Italy, providing a clear definition of budget and timeline, in order to create a hotel furnishing project that is respectful of the structure, transparent and personalized.

We listen to and involve the client right from the design phase; we produce moodboards, a selection of samples and 3D renderings, to ensure a clear prediction of the final result.

We celebrate the distinctiveness of each room or room by personally taking care of surveys and measurements to study and propose custom-made furniture in different materials, such as wood, laminates, mdf, glass, korean, marble, stone, and stoneware; thanks to the support of master craftsmen

selected, we can guarantee “after-sale” service and qualified personnel for installation.

We emphasize hospitality, creating a harmony between the comfort of specially designed furnishings and the surrounding atmosphere with custom-made covering solutions, such as parquet, stoneware and laminates, in accordance with current regulations.

We create evocative scenery to envelop guests in welcome thanks to our textile furnishing service, we make and install curtains, including their systems, and wallpapers, in fire retardant fabric of ministerial certification, with the possibility of making exclusive designs for each hotel.

Elevate the excellence of your hospitality with a design that can excite.

Start a new decorating dream for your hotel today.

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