We have a Mediterranean soul, we experience the sea firsthand, intimately and, as true enthusiasts, we seek harmony between ‘aesthetics and practicality.

We operate in a unique field, where high quality materials are blended with optimized management of spaces unique in shape and size.

With our experience in interior design, we carefully select fabrics and furnishings to create distinctive marine environments, expressing the elegance and durability required by the nautical world. We offer consulting services and specialized tailoring labor for sailing yachts and motor yachts, using proposals that blend in with their surroundings and tell your seafaring story.

Starting with an in-depth analysis of the boat’s style and your needs, we design tailored and modular customization solutions for your boat, with a focus on mobility in spaces, compliance with safety regulations, and the defined budget.

biancheria elegante personalizzata di stanza motor yacht in bianco e marrone
ponte coperto di imbarcazione nautica con interior design personalizzato e minimale in bianco e grigio perla

Let yourself be captivated by a timeless aesthetic that will accompany you along all your routes; our décor offerings are all made in Italy, from upholstery to custom-made curtains and bedding, for unique and exclusive nautical upholstery.

With our selection of waterproof, moisture-resistant and high-quality fabrics, we offer elegant combinations and comfortable and distinctive furnishing solutions for yachts and sailboats.
We can custom make suitable furnishings for decks, interior and exterior, such as fly and stern cushions, sofas, armchairs, chairs, ottomans, sundecks, linens with custom embroidery and accessories.

We will accompany you and your guests to a dimension of familiar tranquility with the guarantee of stain-resistant, easy-care products that are resistant to salt, weather and UV rays.

Set sail with us and discover a new style of shipboarding.

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