Home interior

We find harmony in every space.
From a light restilyng that revitalizes the interior while maintaining the original essence, to the realization of a furnishing concept from scratch, we will accompany you in accordance with your taste and needs.

Join us on this journey, tell us your story, your vision, and we will make your home a reflection of your lifestyle and exclusive taste.

After an initial exploration and knowledge phase, we will endeavor an analysis of the historical and architectural context to provide a coherent and shared furniture and layout solution.

We are going to create a theme and a style, starting with a study of the concept that represents you, we will dive into the choice of colors and their emotional evocations; we will discover how to optimize the functionality of your furnishings, their arrangement, and select essences and materials to make new handcrafted and custom-made furniture.

cuscini con rivestimento personalizzato con motivi geometrici bianco e nero e bordato di rosso
zona giorno di abitazione elegante con arredamento ed imbottiti minimal con poltrona in legno artigianale e cuscini chiari

We will move on to the study of atmosphere, given by the ‘use of ambient lighting, such as table lamps, indirect lights and spotlights, to enhance games of chiaroscuro contrast; we will opt together for accessories to match and decorative details such as mirrors, frames and artwork for a new living dimension.

Our focus on quality will accompany us at every stage, from the implementation of the creative idea to the selection of materials and fabrics for custom-made curtains, sofas, rugs, headboards, sommiers, and custom linens.

Through collaboration with exclusive brands and made-in-Italy tailors, we will find new textures for you to rediscover your home, in new guises. Our selection of upholstery also exhausts waterproof, UV-resistant and easy-care solutions for customizing outdoor spaces such as the patio and garden. Contact us to start your home interior design project.

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