Grand Hotel Torre Fara

Scope of work: No. 33 rooms

The renovation of Torre Fara is a great example of modern restoration, the main purpose of which is to preserve the valuable monumental features while establishing new uses and space for a structure that must continue to speak and harmonize with its surroundings. In front of a building, a unique exemplar of an Italian historical period of extreme vitality and dynamism, a time of “listening to the place” was necessary. And it is precisely in this listening phase that Officina Arredo enters February 2021 on tiptoe to gather impressions and creative suggestions, constantly seeking new insights and always with extreme respect for the architectural structure with its unmistakable volumetric and monumental simplicity. Looking at the towering ceilings that branch out into concrete beams creating dynamic geometric lines in the full harmony of profiles and volumes, Officina Arredo finds a clear central theme: a world of balancing architecture, space and decoration. Inspired by the vision of interiors, innovative for that time, in which architecture, spaces and decoration find in their whole, and in their interaction, the right balance, the team chooses to design full-height “huge furniture” for the entrance, precisely so as not to break the vertical lines and thus maintain that balance marked by the large, imposing, yet always elegant and original volumes. For decoration, the choice is to compare classic materials, such as wood and brass, interpreted in refined workmanship such as striping and inlay, with strong colors: mainly red, inspired by the original tones of the facade, and blue: evocative of naval atmospheres. The shape of the circle, present in some details of the structure, with its dynamism, is an inspiration for the decorations and details of the furniture. With their distribution, the furnishings pander to the particular configuration of the 33 rooms, which are developed along the “wings” and have one sea-side and one mountain-side exposure.

Type: 4 star hotel

Year: 2021/22

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