Hotel The Time

Object of work: No. 11 rooms

The Time, is a hotel in a period Art Nouveau villa designed in the early 1900s, a structure that evokes the charm of a time long gone. The client’s need was to develop a furniture idea that could create a timeline from the past to the present day. Officina Arredo’s intuition was to develop a design concept inspired by the major artistic currents that characterized the past century, matching each era to the different plans. The artistic currents chosen were Art Deco, Cubism, Bauhaus and Pop Art. Art Deco style, was chosen to create elegant and refined environments. Fine finishes, precious furnishings, and sophisticated details give the rooms a unique and sophisticated personality, reminiscent of 1920s charm. The cubism-inspired rooms, with a geometric and segmented style, feature furniture elements that have been studied down to the smallest detail and consistently matched, capable of arousing a disorienting and provocative effect in guests. Qualitative/decorative choices (from wallpaper to lighting) for the right cocktail of style, representation, and comfort.

Type: 3 star hotel

Year: 2022

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