Nowhite - Chiavari

Scope of work: Renovation and furniture study

NoWhite is the result of a bold redesign that starts with the name to tell the story of the strong personality of this lively revamped venue in the soul of Chiavari’s carruggi on the Ligurian coast. Officina Arredo accepts the challenge to give shape and character to NoWhite: a challenge to color, but also to form. From the intriguing wallpaper with strictly Black & White face profile designs to the fishbone floor, with the same combination of (non-)timeless colors we swept away the boredom. Finally, the hint of yellow of the chairs in the interior space and the outdoor patio completes the vibrant look of this city destination for breakfasts, lunches and aperitifs for those who say No to White, but especially No to Boredom.

Type: Bar

Year: 2021

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