Private house - Chiavari

Scope of work: Complete restyling

We completely revisited a 1950s apartment by introducing partial interventions to the masonry part and choosing paintings for the walls within the set budget. We planned to eliminate the hallway at the entrance by knocking down the wall that enclosed the living room, allowing space and light to permeate the room. The floors (excluding the kitchen) were unified with the installation of parquet; a full-wall bookcase was designed that, painted in the same intense tone as the walls, accompanies the eye from the living area to the sleeping area. In addition, we took care of creating lofts and a storage room. Through the design of the draperies and upholstered furniture (sofa, armchairs, headboard bed), we have given character to the furniture through the textile element largely recovered and adapted to the new setting.

Type: Private apartment

Year: 2015

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